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This year at Le Hot Sauce 2013, we are offering two levels of Jack N Jill plus a Strictly Lindy contest. We do encourage people to register in advance for them in order to guarantee your spot and to help us keep the ratio balanced.

Competitors meeting – Friday Evening at 9:00pm for Open JnJ
 Competitors meeting – Saturday Day at 5:00pm for Novice Prelims
 Competitors meeting – Saturday Evening at 9:00pm for Finals 

  • JnJ $10 / person for workshop attendees to compete and this fee must be paid in advance of competing.
  • JnJ – If you are not registering for the whole weekend and still would like to join our competitions, not a problem.  It is $15 / person for participants coming only to the evening dances.
  • Strictly Lindy = $20 per couple – open level – all you need is to bring your own partner
    **************************************************************************Contest Registrations:
  •**************************************************************************Contest Schedule:
  • Friday evening are the Prelims for the Open Jack N Jill
  • Saturday at 5:00pm are the prelims for the Newcomer Jack N Jill
  • Saturday evening will be the finals for all competitions
  • Strictly Lindy goes directly to Finals – unless there are more than 15 couples

    Competitors meeting – Friday Evening at 9:00pm for Open JnJ
     Competitors meeting – Saturday Day at 5:00pm Novice Prelims
     Competitors meeting – Saturday Evening at 9:00pm for Finals 

1.  Newcomer Jack N Jill –  geared towards dancers newer to competing in Lindy Hop and dancing only a short period of time. You will rotate with different partners throughout the competition and be evaluated as an individual. However, we will look at your skills and “how well you play with others!”
(*if you have only competed a few times and or never at all, this is the place for you to feel safe, warm, and cuddly – we welcome you to the dance floor with lots of support!)

This year we are having a prelims earlier in the day on Saturday and we will have a feedback session for the Newcomers. All you have to do is enter the prelims and show up and dance and then, you will be given the opportunity for feedback after the prelims in order to help you in your next round of competition and in social dancing in general.  We are excited to offer this feedback for competitors this year.  We hope you will join us and have some fun getting your feet wet in our social dance competition.  🙂
Space will be limited in order to be sure there is ample time for feedback from the judges – thanks for your understanding and please register in advance


2.  Experienced / Open Jack N Jill – For Veteran Competitors & Advanced Dancers

A competition geared towards the more experienced dancers and competitors.  If you teach at all and or are in the advanced track, we highly suggest participating in this division.  Again, you will be judged as an individual throughout the competition.  Judges will be looking at the following elements:  timing, technique, teamwork, musicality, and spirit of the dance!

As always, we will have stellar prizes for Le Hot Sauce and are excited to see you dance, strut you stuff, and have a blast.  We will do everything we can so that you have a grand time out on the dance floor.  We are here to support you in your dancing endeavors, so please let us know if you need a little extra lovin’ and cheerin’ and we will see what we can do 🙂

3.  Strictly Lindy – sign up with a partner.  We supply the musical choices, dance space, and cool vibe to help you dance your best!  This contest will be held on Saturday night, unless we have more than 12 couples pre-register for it. Judged on teamwork, technique, timing and all that other jazz 😉

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